Sourcers™ is an HNW "invite only" property sourcing and investment service.



SOURCERS™ secure discount residential Below Market Value (BMV) property deals in the UK. We specialise in negotiating, renovating and selling bargain property deals and providing associated legal and financial services for our property investors and landlord clients.


We source the best commercial units. A dedicated manager will oversee the conveyancing process until transaction completion. We offer management services for repairs and improvements and can also manage the furnishing and letting of your investment (optional).


We also source land for in house projects, or on client request. We rarely build on our land, however when land is bought or secured, our planning department works with local government to secure outline or detailed planning permission adding substantial value. 


This new potentially game-changing investment strategy will become massively popular with our investors and landlords. It will work in towns and cities nationwide and delivers a preferred strategy to the traditional buy to let investing model with an exceptional ROI. - CONTACT


The government has confirmed measures to enable office space to be converted into homes without planning permission. SOURCERS provide first-hand access to exclusive off-market property deals to our clients. For more information please contact us.- Find out MORE


Title splitting is used when a large residential property is sub-divided into apartments. It is also used on our commercial-to-residential projects. However it is also used in detached homes or even large apartments to add significant capital appreciation. - Find out MORE

Sourcers directly or indirectly employ teams of accredited tradespeople with specific skill sets our clients expect. However here are some of the people directly responsible for managing the teams on our contracts.

Jim McIlroy


30 years as a contractor/developer has a large professional contacts network. Sourcing BMV projects and working with cash investors as a land agent. His expertise in "green developments" and alternative power sources have seen clients come from far and wide.

Andrea Mills

Planning Associate

Andrea manages planning applications for projects in the south east, she also works with local planning associates in our Scottish network. To deliver the most units per land parcel and the best return on capital for any application we have proposed, or put forward.

Paul Fieldson


Land planner, contracts manager and qualified surveyor, Paul has a wealth of industry experience and is responsible for managing projects and teams onsite. Since joining Sourcers in 2013 he has become a vital part of the team and a much-valued associate.

Anita Johnson


Anita's sales and marketing skills are second-to-none. A fantastic public relations and contracts manager, she handles finances and is the first port of call for new clients. Whatever you need for your project Anita will have the supplier and at unbeatable prices.

Sourcing below market value properties and regeneration projects are our business.



Sourcers are led by Jim McIlroy a builder and developer whose passion for regeneration is well documented. He has extensive sourcing experience and in-depth knowledge of the Land Registry systems in England, the ROS in Scotland and other investigative methods that help the team successfully turn empty homes into new homes. The sourcers team provide exclusive redevelopment and joint venture services to profit from property for our clients. Whether cash rich, time poor clients, or investors who may not have experience, SOURCERS provide the opportunity for property profit in any economic climate. We invest in the London, the Home Counties and Scotland as clients take advantage of an ascendant market to build their portfolios. To find out MORE - CLICK HERE SOURCERS™ is a partnership, where everyone involved benefits from our exclusive offerings. We believe we offer the most professional property investment services in the country, experienced property sourcers, experienced land planners, experienced trades people and legal services. Property is sourced via a network of contacts and associates, land is sourced via and work is carried out by specialists builders via plus new websites are planned to source more property deals for our partners. We're proud to provide a truly 'personal investing service' based on a business ethic that is simple and transparent - "We will never ask our clients to invest in any property that we wouldn't invest in!".

Personal Info

  • 07794 632 750
  • Russett House Staines Upon Thames London

Client input is a valuable measure of how a business is succeeding, or how it has to change and we're no different. Here is what a few of our clients are saying about us.

An unparalled service. SOURCERS have the contacts and connections to find highly sought after properties before they go on the market. Invaluable if you want to get there first in the ultra competitive London property market

Jonathan Thomson

The property sourcers team tracked down the Chinese 'buy to leave' investor owners of two blocks of 10 apartments and now one of the blocks are in my portfolio. I'd highly recommend SOURCERS to (buyers or sellers) everywhere..

Suzanne McGuire

SOURCERS have been contracted to secure 15 acres for the UK's most unique, high-end green development and eco project. Funded by entrepreneurs dedicated to technology, sustainability and creating employment.


Procurement Director


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